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A home should be about love and laughter, not cracks. Just like relationships are built on a solid foundation of trust, the structure of a home needs the same strength to endure for generations. And the foundation of that strength starts with the wall and also, the bricks that make up the wall.

Do you know that the new buildings are more prone to cracks?

Contraction and expansion of building materials due to fluctuations in temperature and moisture content cause cracks in walls. Such cracks do not represent a structural concern. Construction materials like Concrete, grout, mortar, and stucco can shrink and further crack months after construction as these slowly dry off and lose the moisture content. The concrete floor, walls, plaster, and lumber of an average new-construct households around 4,000 liters of water, most of which evaporates during a home’s first year.

Temperature fluctuations cause construction materials to expand and contract almost daily and seasonally. And due to these regular fluctuations, cracking is expected, this is one major reason why construction joints in materials like concrete, brick, tile, and stucco are used by the builders. The joints permit stress relied in the form of measured cracking along a predetermined placement.

Even Excess water is the cause of several complications like moist and unhealthy indoors, color degradation, calcination, corrosion, loss of strength, and cracks.Hence, construction materials with low water absorption properties and faster drying behavior are always to be preferred considering long-term strong & healthy existence of the building envelop, like the Porotherm Smart Bricks.

How does Porotherm Smart Bricks ensure crack free walls?

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