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Wienerberger is a global specialist in wall solutions. In India the wall solutions offered by Wienerberger come under the brand Porotherm Smart Bricks. Porotherm is a large format, clay hollow block that is available in two main categories : Non-load Bearing (Infill/partition walls) and Load-bearing (G+1 construction without RCC). The non-load bearing hollow blocks include Porotherm HP (Horizontally Perforated), Porotherm HP G (Grinded) and Porotherm Thermobrick; where as the load bearing brick includes the brand Porothrm VP (Vertically Perforated). All blocks come in 3 sizes (4",6" and 8") along with half bricks. As a value add, Wienerberger also provide END Bricks for wall endings & junctions, door & window jambs as well as 'T' & 'L' junctions.

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Porotherm VP load bearing

Porotherm walls...the best in the market: Why?

Wall made with Porotherm Smart Bricks provide the house owner with a lifetime opportunity of experiencing comfortable living environment in all seasons. The perforated design of the brick ensures excellent thermal insulation that keeps indoor temperatures cool at all times. The best thing about the blocks is that they are made entirey of clay making Porotherm a Natural walling material, rated by the Green Building Council if India. The large size of teh blocks promotes savings in mortar consuption since one Porotherm 8" block is equivalent in area to 9 small bricks. Another spectacular feature of Porotherm is the prcision in design. The blocks are highly dimensionally tolerant making Porotherm a one of a kind wall solution in the market. Also, Porotherm blocks are 60% light in weight thatn any otehr conventional walling blocks thus aiding in faster construction. Apart from all these, Porotherm blocks also have the lowest water absorption because of which possibiity of superficial or shrinkage cracks on plaster are wonder they are called POROTHERM SMART BRICKS!


·         Excellent thermal & sound insulation

·         Light weight, easy to handle on site

·         Mason friendly

·         Lowest water absorption, no shrinkage cracks

·         Easy installation of loads

·         Natural and Green building solution, rated by IGBC & GRIHA

Porotherm Smart Bricks have been used in thousands of projects ranging from residential apartments, commercial buildings, IT Parks, Hospitals, Education institutions, Hotels, Resorts and individual houses across South India.


All Porotherm genuine blocks will have the date of manufacture  and batch numbers mentioned on top along with the brand name. The absence of this would mean the product is not a Wienerberger original product. 

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