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Wienerberger’s India's Clay ventilated façade solutions have created a fine balance between natural aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology. With our façade solutions, we are expanding possibilities in the façade cladding solutions space with natural, versatile, customized and  sustainable materials that are hallmarks of future ready façade tiles.
Wienerberger is a global leader in façade solutions and we bring the very best of international innovation customized for the Indian markets.

Timeless Modern Façade With The Character Of Natural Clay

Facade and curtain wall systems are integral part of green building philosophy and sustainable design. There is a slow but significant shift where advocates of Green building materials believe that it is time to move away from the conventional façade formats. In fact, some of the world’s most prominent “green” skyscrapers are looking at sustainable, green material options to envelope their buildings. The right choice of material can go a long way into ensuring a building’s better performance.

Clay is an ideal building material for facades applications, due to its inherent properties of longevity, non-colour fading, low maintenance and design versatility. Clay ventilated façade systems offer a key advantage through its properties of water-tightness of the building envelope and ventilation. Thanks to its mass, ceramic has a high heat buffering capacity and hence terracotta façade tiles are an excellent heat insulator.

Aspect Clay Ventilated facades tiles have set a new benchmark for the facade industry over the last decade with an offering of superior terracotta facade panels to fulfill every design aspiration.

Wienerberger's  world-class natural clay facade solutions deliver not just ethereal aesthetics but also numerous functional benefits creating a special appeal for architects across the country. 

Features of Aspect Clay Ventilated Facade Tiles:

  • Weather protection
  • Prevention of heat accumulation
  • Moisture control 
  • Sound protection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire protection 
  • Rear ventilation

Design benefits of Aspect Clay Ventilated Facade Tiles: 

The natural beauty and equilibrium of clay façades are created by contrasting the smooth-faced tile with the precise joint. Whether as a feature or the main theme façade cladding solutions, the clean lines and aesthetic charm of the façade panels offer several unimaginable design opportunities. 

Aspect Clay facade tiles are available in variety of formats, standard colours, as well as bespoke colour tiles that can produced with engobe and glazed effect, groove or structured. These tiles perfectly align with traditional construction materials.

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