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Clay roof tiles

Europe's Favorite Clay Roof Tiles Now In India

Clay Roof solutions that create an impact of a timeless modern roof


Clay Roof Tiles – The Most Durable, Natural Roofing Material

Building a dream home requires detailing and deliberation as in most cases it is an investment for life. When it comes to roof, it can contribute significantly to your house’s appearance. Roof tiles protect the building, provide possibilities for the expression of regional identity and cultural heritage. At the same time, roof tiles need to be  aesthetic and durable. 

Wienerbeger's clay roof tiles are sustainable building materials and are perfectly suited for the Indian climatic conditions. Our roof tiles meet the requirements on modern house construction, whether it is an individual house, villa, rowhouse or even a hospitality project. 

Be it a slope roof or flat roof design, all roof shapes are feasible and every desired effect can be achieved – from modern to traditional and from classic to contemporary. Clay roof tiles offer the best protection for houses against  all weather conditions. These roof tiles have a verified service life of up to 150 years, they are cost-efficient and provide thermal insulation from the heat outside the building.

Wienerberger is Europe’s largest clay roof tile manufacturer. In India, Wienerberger offers plethora of green clay roofing solutions that are an amalgamation of innovative design, improvedfunctionalities, rich colour range and absolute water tightnessfeature. 

With Wienerberger, architects, designers, and clients benefit from a wide selection of shapes, colors, and sizes ensuring their choice tie individual design and functional needs perfectly. Our range extends from varnished, refined, flat bricks, or those with an engobe finish, to more traditional, flat, roof tiles.

Wienerberger's clay roof tiles are manufactured in Europe combining natural materials and state - of - art - technology.  

The key advantages of clay roof solutons by Wienerberger are:

●        Clay roof tiles are fired at high temperatures resulting in a lifespan of over 100 year

●        Clay roof tile is a beautiful, sustainable building material with UV-resistance and durability in terms of colour

●        State-of-the-art production techniques results distinctive look and unique feel.

●        Advanced insulation properties help in keeping the home cooler and insulated from noise

●        Clay roof tiles are pure natural products that satisfy all requirements on environmentally friendly construction 

One of the biggest advantages is the zero maintenance on our clay roof solutions. With our advanced clay roof solutions, Wienerberger roof tiles enhances the quality of life of its habitants and lends a distinct architectural identity to the home.

Wienerberger’s clay roofing solutions, along with their compatible roof system components, make installation easier and durable. These additional components can include roofing underlays, insulating material or other accessories including flashing tapes, tile clips, valley sheets and much more. 

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