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Wienerberger India Reference Projects with Porotherm Blocks

Be inspired by endless possibilities when building with Porotherm Wall Solutions by Wienerberger

Residential Buildings

Porotherm Smart Bricks are100% natural walling material providing best in class thermal insulation ideal for Indian climatic conditions and excellent dimensional stability. 

Browse through our gallery of reference projects that have have been realized using Porotherm Wall Solutions

Schools and Educational Institutions

Porotherm Wall Solution is the ideal walling material for educational institutions. The quality of air plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Inspire learning through healthy built environment.

Browse through the gallery of educational institutions which have trusted in Porotherm Blocks to offer an ideal learning environment.

Individual Homes with Porotherm Walls

Walls - the most important element of your dream home construction!

The heart of the system and the secret of speed and efficiency  is precision-engineered in Porotherm clay blocks. 

Whether it is an exposed brick masonry or plastered look, Porotherm Clay Blocks offer endless possibilities. Build a home with 100% natural, sustainble building materials,  excellent thermal insulation and leave a legacy for generations.

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