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Koramic: Adding a European touch to Indian Architecture

Wienerberger, the No.1.Clay Roof Tile Manufacturer in Europe brings to you Natural and Long Lasting Koramic Clay Roof solutions - an exquisite range of clay roof tiles. We currently import 8 Koramic profiles which include: Alegra 10, Actua 10, Romane, Madura, VHV, Modula, Opalys and Prima.

Brands and Application

Since it’s inception in 1883, Koramic has been a guarantee of tradition and quality. Over 120 years of rich know-how and comprehensive production experience make Koramic one of the top clay roof tile brands of the world. Over 32 Koramic production lines in 6 countries provide an annual production capacity of over 450 million units sold worldwide. It is more than just a tile…it is a Koramic roof solution.

Wienerberger India currently imports 8 Koramic profiles which include:

  • Alegra 10: Combines economy and aesthetics in an optimal way.
  • Actua 10: This profile is a feast for lovers of modern architecture. Has also been used as building façade.
  • Romane: Combining strong curve and technical performance, it’s a tile that renders a Mediterranean touch
  • Madura: A large format, contemporary wave profile
  • VHV : Flemish Tile with a curve which blends into a harmonic wave
  • Modula: A specialized, large format modular ceramic tile with both aesthetic and functional qualities.
  • Opalys: A wide format Koramic clay roof solution with double tile effect...Opalyse which has received it’s name form the gentle wave like appearance… Each individual tile is Double Grooved with smooth surface and deep sockets in plaster molds.
  • Prima: Another large format profile from Koramic...Designed to control light! A very contemporary look, Prima claims a futuristic character with very sharp angle creating an interesting play of light lending an extraordinary identity to the roof.

Advantages of Koramic Clay Roof Solutions

Wienerberger’s Koramic Clay Roof Solution gives each product a distinctive look and unique feel by offering an exclusive range of imported clay roof tiles, with different colors, finishes (natural, glazed and engobe) and fittings to create the perfect roof.

  • Natural - Made of 100% clay with all the attributes of a terracotta clay product
  • Diversity – Available in a wide range of colours and finishes
  • Latest Technology – Strict adherence to International Quality control standards
  • Better Efficiency - Large format roof tiles (10pcs/sq. mt), leading to faster installation with minimum support materials
  • Flexibility - A wide range of colours & finishes with a brand new profile & allows for the desired batten spacing
  • Quality - Manufactured in Europe, designed and built with impeccable quality and precision to meet the architect’s sensibilities
  • Long Lasting - High Quality, durable tiles providing optimum value and customer delight
  • Support - The clay roof tiles are marketed by Wienerberger India with regular support and after sales assistance

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