Wienerberger Porotherm Smart Brick
Green building ans sustainability

Green & Sustainable Building

Our products – made with long-term success in mind. Clay retains the inherent strength, durability, and economy that made it the building material of choice over centuries.
Clay bricks, blocks, and roof tiles signify particularly green and sustainable building materials. These green building materials consist of natural raw materials like clay and water, which are extracted locally with the greatest possible consideration for the environment and the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Made out of natural raw materials our products stand for lasting value, longevity, quality of living and innovative building. Their quality has been widely tested in terms of eco-friendliness and has earned us plenty of declarations and certifications, underpinning our efforts.
When determining how sustainable a construction material actually is - Longevity appears as an important parameter. Our products offer longer service life – easily lasting for over 150 years; this promises minimal impact of material on the environment. Also, these are produced in close proximity to the market, which helps in keeping the transportation distances short.
These are just a few of the many reasons why our clay products constitute an essential part of Wienerberger’s sustainable building concepts. They guarantee a high quality of living and make an active contribution to the fight against climate change.