Clay Sustainable Building Materials
Clay- natural building material

Clay - Material of Choice for Green Buildings

Clay is a natural raw building material is deeply rooted in heritage and has been in use for centuries. Wienerberger India's clay building materials are safe, sustainable and innovative meeting the highest standards for modern and energy efficient buildings.
One of the key parameters to assign a 'green' building status to a building is the use of materials that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable. Clay as a building materials is a used as a green building material all over the world for its properties of being natural, sustainable, durable and energy-efficient, among host of other benefits.
Green building materials, like clay is a natural raw material extracted locally while keeping in mind the environment and the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Wienerberger's sustainable construction materials stand for lasting value, longevity, quality living and innovative buildings. 
When determining how sustainable a construction material actually is - Longevity appears as an important parameter. Our products offer longer service life – easily lasting for over 150 years; this promises minimal impact of material on the environment. Our highly engineered building material solutions enables construction companies, architects and homeowners realize their design and structural objectives. Wienerberger is the world’s biggest brick manufacturer and with a rich heritage of 200 years in Clay.  
These are just a few of the many reasons why our clay products constitute an essential part of Wienerberger’s sustainable building concepts. They guarantee a high quality of living and make an active contribution to fight against climate change.

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