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Hollow clay blocks - Porotherm Smart Bricks designed to provide better efficiency, durability, ease of use and a host of other benefits that aid in cost-effective wall construction.


Wienerberger offers world-class facade solutions that contribute not just an etheral aesthetics but also numerous functional benefits creating a special appeal for architects across the country. 

Wienerberger, the No.1.Clay Roof Tile Manufacturer in Europe brings to you Natural and Long Lasting Roof solutions. With an exclusive range of imported roof tiles, with different colors, finishes and fittings.

Huge savings in cost and time. 

POROTHERM DRYFIX.SYSTEM replaces conventional mortar with a super glue that helps in saving water and more.

Building Material made out of clay

A lot of sustainable building materials use reclaimed or recycled materials. It is simple…the more we re-use products, the less we acquire new products and deplete world resources (and waste less energy manufacturing new materials). 

A healthy living environment especially requires the use of the right building materials. In general, building materials are strongly influencing the indoor climate and quality of living.

India’s association with clay brick architecture goes back a long way…the humble teracotta has been used as a building material for centuries. Facinating works of ancient architecture are a part of India's heritage...

Saving water with innovation

Wall construction with NO WATER is POSSIBLE.

Porotherm Smart Bricks which come with the super glue Dryfix.System, combine precision technology with a sustainable construction process thereby saving time on construction, need minimal dependence on labor, does not need any water or sand, assure zero wastage at the construction site, ensure consistent quality, unmatched dimensional tolerance and stronger adhesive bonds between the bricks and enhances thermal protection through the elimination of thermal bridges in vertical & Horizontal Joints.


About Wienerberger

Green Building Solutions

Wienerberger group is the World's largest producer of clay (terracotta) building bricks and No. 1 in the clay roof market in Europe. The group also holds leading positions in pavers in Europe. With over 195 factories across 30 countries, Wienerberger has become the foremost authority when it comes to natural, sustainable, green building material solution provider. 


For Aspect Ventilated Clay Facade Tiles

The Building Information Management, also known as Building Information Modeling, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure. Wienerberger India provides you the opportunity to design 3D models of your project with our Aspect Clay ventilated facade solutions.