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Wienerberger India offers a range of high performance, sustainable building materials spanning wall, roofing and facade applications. We also offer technical support during construction and BIM services to help you realize your dream home or architectural vision.

Wall Solutions

Porotherm Smart Bricks
Porotherm is a registered brand of clay hollow bricks by Wienerberger. 

Porotherm Smart Bricks are precision engineered, certified green building materials manufactured in India. Porotherm clay blocks are specially suited for Indian climatic conditions. 

Porotherm by Wienerberger clay blocks are made through a resource efficient, environmental friendly and sustainable process, thus making it a walling material of choice for a healthy and comfortable living. 

Porotherm Clay blocks by Wienerberger meet all requirements of modern construction - thermal & sound insulation, energy-efficiency, light weight, faster construction, quality, durability and sustainability.

Façade Solutions

Wienerberger India offers world class Clay Façade tiles that not just delivers on aesthetics but also numerous functional benefits creating a special appeal for architects across the country.

Wienerberger's terracotta façade tiles Aspect  Clay Ventilated Facades and Argeton are among the earliest brands in clay tile facade cladding in India. High strength and tested safety make clay façades suitable for homes, offices and public buildings, while providing architects an opportunity to explore and realize their design intent. 

Aspect  customized clay cladding tiles are available in every imaginable colour, shape and surface, contributing to a major shift in the cladding space towards sustainable building materials. 


Roof Solutions

Wienerberger, the No.1.Clay Roof Tile Manufacturer in Europe brings to India clay roof solutions ideal for slope roof design.
Wienerberger’s range of clay Roof tiles, Koramic and Tondach, offer unlimited possibilities for expression of regional and cultural identity combined with aesthetics and durability. Wienerberger's Clay roof tiles are imported roof tiles  available in a range of colors, finishes (natural, glazed and engobe) and fittings to create the perfect roof.


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