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Why is Porotherm a Green Building Material?

Wienerberger views sustainability as an integral part of our business and an important factor for our success. Thus, We have firmly anchored sustainability in our corporate strategy. Our products are rated by two of the premium organizations dealing with green building in India: Indian Green Building Council & GRIHA.

Why are Porotherm Smart Bricks Green Building Products?

Wienerberger views sustainability as an integral part of our business and an important factor for our success. For these reasons, we have firmly anchored sustainability in our corporate strategy.

A house made of Wienerberger green building materials is an investment for coming generations. The core of our sustainability strategy is the long service life of our products. At the same time, we implement measures to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes.

Our activities are focused not only on reducing energy consumption, but also on improving our ecological footprint by using fewer raw materials and increasing the use of recycled products.Right from procuring raw materials, to the production methodology and the products that we offer, are all bound by principles of sustainability.

Some of the initiatives in this respect include:

1) Desilting of Clay Tanks

2) Use of locally available products

3) Use of waste products from other industries

4) Efficient use of Biomass & other environmentally friendly fuels in manufacturing

Apart from these, we continuously recycle heat & energy in the production process and systematically adopt various conservation projects in our plant on a regular basis.

Wienerberger’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the continuous improvement of Its production processes.

A central engineering department for bricks is working, above all, on Projects to reduce energy consumption. Drying and firing comprise a significant amount of the Energy requirements for our production and many assignments therefore concentrate on optimization in this area. Other focal points of our research include resource conservation in production and the responsible processing of raw materials.

Wienerberger products (Porotherm HP, THERMOBRICK) has been rated by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) & GRIHA (Green Rating For Integrated Habitat Assessment) developed by TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute) two of the premium organizations dealing with green building in India.

The IGBC-LEED rating system has been developed based on guidelines of USGBC and promoted by CII – Confederation of Indian Industries. We are happy to inform that POROTHERM HP Clay bricks are rated by IGBC under following criteria’s:

  • Energy Efficiency : Lower ‘U’ values assure better thermal insulation thus providing comfortable indoor climate – reduce energy demand for air conditioning
    • ‘U’ Value : 1.0 W/m²K
  • Material with Recycled Content :
    • Raw Material used are industrial waste or recycled materials – thus save on natural resources Eg. coal ash, rice husk, granite slurry etc.
  • Regional Material : Factory to site distance < 400km

GRIHA Green Rating For Integrated Habitat Assessment is a rating system developed considering Indian Climate Zones and inhabitants requirements indigenously. It is developed to rate commercial, Institutional and Residential buildings in India, emphasizing national environmental concerns, regional climatic conditions and locally available solutions.

Some of the Leed rated Green Buildings in India which have used Porotherm Wall Solutions:

  • Housing Tower 1: Indian School of Business, Hyderabad ( By Inform Architects)
  • Puma Store: Retail Outlet, Bangalore (The first store of PUMA to receive a LEED Rating in the World) (By Architects: Studio DeCode)
  • Geogit PNB Paribas: Corporate Office in Kochi (Leed Consultant: M Selverasu)

Ms. Shyla BU, Head, Masonary & Flooring, Total Environment Building Systems, speaks on Porotherm Smart Bricks

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