Indian School of Business Hyderabad
LEED Rated Green building project using Wienerberger's Porotherm Clay Hollow blocks
ISB Hyderabad

Indian School of Business Hyderabad

The Housing Tower One [HT 1] is a 20 storeyed  LEED Gold [NC] certified Residential building in the ISB campus at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. 

Architect: Kiran Venkatesh, Inform Architects ; Location : Hyderabad; Wall Area: 100,000 Sq Ft ; Wienerberger Product Used: Porotherm Smart Bricks

The plan comprises of two apartments on each floor, connected by the main and service cores and separated by an inner courtyard. This planning strategy enables the two cores to contribute significantly to the structural stability of the tower and makes it possible to have large cantilevered balconies, structured with vierendeel girders with end verticals.

Each apartment has large balcony / terrace spaces that create a varying rhythm on the facade allowing one to go beyond the “extruded elevation” so typical of high rise apartments. The aesthetic of the building is derived from functional and creative moves that are intrinsic to the planning rather than an external application of elements.

The concrete mix design ensures early strength to structural elements to minimize shuttering stripping time and Porotherm hollow clay bricks reduce the dead load for economical use of Fe 500 grade steel reinforcement.

The building responds to the local climate by orientation and thermal mass and at the same time, it relates to the main campus by way of its strong massing and colour scheme. The building achieves its green status through the deployment of pre-dominantly passive means – UPVC windows with performance glass, rain water harvesting, water-saving fixtures, solar energy, effective cross ventilation and adequate natural lighting.

Housing Tower One is a sustainable tall green building with quality residential and social spaces that encourages responsible living and social interaction amongst its community 

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