Wienerberger launches Dryfix, a solution to minimise consumption of water and sand in masonry construction

Water & Sand are two of the most endangered resources in building construction today. Both in terms of cost & availability, the resources are precious and can contribute significantly to the construction process. Wienerberger, the global leaders in sustainable, green building materials introduces a revolutionary system – DRYFIX, that can drastically minimizeconsumption of water & sand during masonry construction resulting in huge savings in cost & time…
In keeping with the tradition of introducing innovating building material solution, Wienerberger also introduces its latest brand of Façade Product – ARGEMAX, to cater to Chennai’s emerging construction market.
Chennai, February 22, 2018: The new building regulations in place have made timely execution of projects vital and key for all builders thereby making it imperative for Builders to adopt cost-effective, innovative technology to achieve faster construction. Also, strict restrictions across the country on mining of sand for construction purposes to acute shortage of natural resources mainly water in large urban areas have created tremendous stress on the industry. Wienerberger’s revolutionary Dryfix.System helps builders effectively address these issues by achieving the following:

1) Adopting best practices for speedy construction
2) Drastic reduction in sand and water leading to
Savings on labor and cost

The impact of Global warming is quite obvious as ground water is depleting faster than it can be replenished naturally. It is estimated that an average of 27,000 liters of embodied water gets consumed for every square meter of built up area of a building!

Generally, during construction, the maximum water usage occurs during:
• Preparation of sand, cement mortar
• Curing of walls before and after plastering

An average of 350 liters of water is consumed for every one meter of wall construction

Wienerberger’sPorothermDryfix.Systemreplaces conventional wet mortar and also eliminates the need for curingof mortar joints during masonry wall construction.

The system is sustainable and environment friendly, a super glue available in cans that does away with sand and water. Because of the glue, construction site wastage is considerably reduced as well as giving the Builder optimal output.

POROTHERM DRYFIX.SYSTEM comes along with Precise Grinded Clay Hollow Blockswhich offer thermal insulation along with a Super Glue as a total solution. The bricks are a hallmark in technology resulting in exceptional dimensional uniformity that can reduce plaster thickness which also leads to huge savings for the builder.

The other advantages of POROTHERM DRYFIX.SYSTEM:
 Crack free wall solutions
 Dryfix.System is ready to use, mason friendly, easy to transport, fastest masonry system compared to any other
 Clean dry construction, with zero debris, absolutely ZERO WASTAGE, with very strong reliable bond
 No chasing, next construction activity on the wall can begin after 24 hours

“In keeping with Wienerberger’s philosophy of introducing cost-effective, hi-tech & sustainable solutionsPorotherm Dryfix.System is a perfect fit to meet the needs of contemporary Indian building industry. It is a revolutionary world class system to build the perfect wall for your house.”Mr. Appaiah Monnanda, Managing Director, Wienerberger India.

Wienerberger has also launched Argemax Façade Panels – a brand of high quality composite panels, ideal for all building types, from commercial to residential. The panels offer very high design flexibility to architects and are functionally superior to existing façade options. Argemax composite fiber panels, offer an innovative alternative to contemporary façade material with a wide range of color that will always inspire.The tiles have through and through color (full body).
These are large format panels which come in size of 3.05 x 1.22 mts and 2.5 x 1.22 mts and can be converted into any size using standard tools at site, thereby providing the architect with a plethora of uninhibited design choices. The panels are used as dry cladding and provide very high durability.
A common issue with general façade material is, over time, they developwarpage or similar deformities that spoil the exterior appearance of the building and is very difficult to rectify. With Argemax façade panels, there is zero warpage which ensures a life time of smooth finish and lasting perfection. The panels are very easy to install and are well suited for refurbishments of old buildings.

Argemax offers a number of benefits:
 Flexibility in design with a range of colors
 Suitable for a myriad range of applications
 Maintenance free & low water absorption
 High strength & Fire resistant

“Wienerbergerhopes to contribute positively to the growing demands of the market and partner with architects, builders and home owners to optimally realize their design visions. We offer innovative solutions which are environment friendly & have multiple functional attributes. Argemax composite panels come in a variety of colors and profiles, giving our customers a wide range of options to choose from.”said, MonnandaAppaiah, Managing Director, Wienerberger India.

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