Tondach Clay  roof tiles

Tondach by Wienerberger : A reliable, world class roofing solution, within your reach

TONDACH® clay tile is a natural product, without chemical additives and is part of  Wienerberger's Clay Roof Solutions, manufactured in Europe. It offers numerous design possibilities and color and ideal for slope roof designs. Tondach roof tiles provide protection and security as well as energy efficiency in line with today's requirements. This clay roof tile portfolio by Wienerberger, cleverly combines functionality & design aesthetics, offering a perfectly engineered economical roof solution.

Adding European elegance to your roof

TONDACH®  Mediteran Plus:  Wienerberger India offers world class timless modern clay roof solutions under the Tondach range with the special range of Tondach Mediteran Plus. Mediteran Plus range by Tondach gives the roof a special wavy Mediterranean elegance and style.  This architectural style is particularly prevalent in the coastal Mediterranean region where roofs are exposed to extreme climatic conditions.

The advantages of clay roof solutions mainly entail protection to buildings from water penetration and strong wind gusts where the rain falls horizontally up to 200 km / h.
This tile with its deep seams ensures watertightness and on very small roof slopes as well. The TONDACH® Mediteran plus range of clay roof solutions is ideal for classic slope roof as well as other technically demanding roofs patterns, thus connecting design and functionality. The sliding roof battens in the range of 33-35 cm makes it ideal for cases of replacement of existing roofing materials. The harmonious lines of big waves lends a soothing appearance to the roof surface.  

Roof Solution

Advantages of Mediteran Plus

  • Design and functionality for all forms of pitched or sloped roofs
  • Great choice for visible roof surface for long lasting aesthetics
  • Europe’s finest roof tiles
  • 100 % Natural & Recyclable
  • Lasts for generations

Technical Details

Medium covering length

Sliding clearance

Overall width

Overall length

Weight per piece

Requirement per m² (minimum)

35 cms

33 – 35  cm

275 cm

440 cm

3.2 kg

13.6 tiles